i2S Linescan & Human Resources

The Human Resources policy of i2S LINESCAN is defined by the policy of the i2S Group, whose aim is to be a benchmark company in its relationships both with its customers and with its current and future employees.

In parallel with the growth it has achieved through the conquering of new markets, the i2S group has developed a policy for developing its human capital that is guided by the following principles:

  • Foster the values and attitudes that have brought our company to where it is today
  • Reveal talent by encouraging the development of each employee in the company, maintaining a balance between professional accomplishment and personal growth
  • Use the three levers of our policy of differentiation: a differentiated offering, the development of alliances and partnerships, and the creation of customer value
  • Attain operational excellence by fostering participative management and management by objective

The HR policy supports the Corporate strategy in that it fosters initiative by making all employees responsible for their roles and skills while at the same time encouraging and rewarding this commitment.


To find out more about the principles of our HR policy and business ethics, visit the Human Resources area of the i2S Group.

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