A complete Range of Services for a Full Quality Control & Optimization of your Process

As part of our product offering i2S LINESCAN provides a complete range of services throughout the lifetime of the installed systems: 

Definition of your requirements

As soon as you have explained to us your requirements for a surface inspection system, a dedicated “project team” will be assigned to help you define the best system architecture to meet your requirements so as to maximize your return on investment.

At the outset, our goal is to understand your issues, and then to offer you a complete system adapted to your application and meshing with your objectives. Thanks to our experience with each application (glass, film plastic, non woven and paper), we have built standards for each, which will then be adapted to your production line.

To guarantee the success of the final application, a professional sample report will be generated to confirm the optical configuration of the system.

Installation, optimization and training

A team of knowledgeable application engineers will monitor your project through the following milestones:

  • Site survey: a kick-off meeting to review in detail the entire project
  • Installation: mechanical installation, system calibration
  • Optimization: definition of the classifications, reporting tools and actions always with a view to providing you with the best return on investment
  • Commissioning: to ensure that the system is fully operational and meets your requirements.
  • Training: various levels of training are supplied, from basic operator level to system administrator or maintenance team, with each level having its own dedicated training courses.


To guarantee system performance and calibration, i2S Linescan offers several levels of maintenance service ranging from a simple once-a-year preventive maintenance visit to fully outsourced maintenance plans.

With today’s communication technologies, all i2S systems feature remote maintenance capability to minimize response time and transportation costs.

Spare parts

i2S Linescan carries a spares parts inventory in each of its three sites (France, USA, China) to guarantee quick delivery time. Spares parts plans can be jointly defined to best fit your needs.

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