i2S Linescan's Customers

i2S Linescan is a true international player with sales abroad accounting for 95% of its total turnover and with no fewer than 100 surface inspection systems installed across the planet.


i2S Linescan’s market reach is worldwide – three (3) sites, located in Europe, China and the USA, – providing sales and support to customers in its served markets. Today, no fewer than 100 surface inspection systems are installed throughout the world in a wide variety of industrial fields, such as:

  • Plastics: inspection of high added-value plastic film at GE Plastic and MITSUBISHI Polyester in USA
  • Non-woven products: inspection of non-woven materials in the health and medical fields at TREDEGAR in the USA, and at Beijing DAYUAN and YAOLONG in China
  • Paper: 100% monitoring of printed products at BOBST in Switzerland
  • Glass: flat glass inspection at AFG in the USA

In a period of less than two years, more than 15 Chinese manufacturers have chosen i2S systems for inspection of their production.

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Dayuan GE AFG
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