Industrial vision

For more than a quarter century, vision has been an essential industrial activity. All industrial sectors are affected whether the challenge is to automate production lines, make production more reliable, improve the quality of manufactured products, provide traceability, guarantee employee safety, or meet delivery and cost requirements. On production lines, vision-based product monitoring must meet several requirements:

  • increased productivity
  • constant improvements in quality
  • reduction in production costs With more than 25 years of experience in industrial vision, i2S Vision has selected the best components of the industrial vision chain. In association with international companies that are leaders in their respective markets, i2S Vision's offering of standard products and custom products is broad, high-performance and suited to industrial usage:
  • severe environment
  • product miniaturization
  • high-speed production
  • production flexibility and optimization
  • easy integration
  • communication with other equipment
  • hardware reliability and durability
  • traceability
  • international maintenance
  • low cost

i2S OEM Devices offers custom solutions

Through its R&D (i2S Innovation) and industrialization departments, i2S offers development of custom OEM solutions that will meet the specific requirements of customers in their markets at a given cost objective.

  • celioscopy cameras
  • miniaturized linear cameras for thickness measurement
  • subassembly of CMOS cameras and multiplexer for fault inspection
  • cooling systems for smart cameras In providing you with custom solutions, i2S Vision commits to:
  • a cost objective
  • innovative technology transfer
  • flexible production capacity
  • just-in-time delivery
  • long industrial lifetime
  • and international support.
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