Clean Tech

Product Briefing Outline :
i2S OEM Devices, a supplier of on-line and off-line camera based vision systems for optical defect detection and feature metrology, is introducing a thin film photovoltaic application specific machine design, the PV-4000. Utilizing standard software, the inspection system can inspect glass panel, roll-to-roll metallic, or film substrates, and capture images of visual defects or out of dimension features.
Problem :
As PV processes work their way out of the lab and into the manufacturing environment, one of the key requirements is to get the manufacturing costs down and the efficiencies up. This requires having real time process feedback as corrections and enhancements are made. The PV-4000 is the vision system to use at multiple locations in the process to provide the needed quality information.
Solution :
Typical inspection cells are located for incoming inspection of the substrate, after metalization, and after scribing. Optical defects such as raw glass defects, metal surface defects and film defects are detected in the substrate; and non-uniformity, pin-holes, and contamination in the metalization layers. Scribe line spacing and edge deletion features can be trended. All defect data is stored or optionally off loaded to the factory wide supervisory system. With real time quality information, process engineers can correct out of spec conditions as they start and have a tool that provides instant feedback as they adjust the process to its optimum.
The system is provided – ‘Turn Key’ and networked into the factory database for glass panel, roll-to-roll metallic, or film substrates.
Platform :
Depending upon throughput requirements, resolution can be as fine as 5 microns using 8192 pixel linear array cameras and proprietary illumination. A free defect sample evaluation is provided upon request to document the detection sensitivity and performance guarantee

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